Fort Jadhavgadh

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Fort Jadhavgadh is the first restored fort in Maharashtra that has now been converted into an up- market boutique hotel by hotelier Vitthal Kamat. The Fort, previously a residence of the Jadhav family, has been painstakingly restored over the last 2-3 years and now boasts of beautifully furnished rooms and outdoor tents.

If you are born and brought up in Pune, you would have an idea about a traditional Maharashtrian house, wada, and its charm. Your grandmother or a great aunt might have stayed in one. The wadas are disappearing from the Pune scene very fast. Kudos to Mr. Kamat for restoring and bringing alive the great Pune wada architecture.

The location of this establishment is spectacular. There are lots of times when you wish to take a short drive and get out of the hustle-bustle of the traffic in Pune. Take a 45 minute drive to Jadhavgadh with the family or friends to get a taste of the outdoors, local Pune history and a museum. I had also gone to Jadhavgadh for a day conference and can definitely say that business and pleasure can meet together here. There is a fully equipped conference room and also a fully loaded wine cellar! It is a great location for off-site meeting and conferences. The management also advertises the venue as a destination for weddings and celebrations. The place also has a large, lovely, open to sky, tree sheltered swimming pool.

I have been to the restaurant a few times for lunch. It is best to get there an hour or so before lunch to spend time walking around and  soaking in the atmosphere. You will be greeted by the blowing of traditional trumpets as you take the steps up to the fort. The outdoor environs of the fort have also been carefully restored with lawns and local plants and trees. You will get a tour of the place as part of the package. The rooms are tastefully decorated and some of the rooms have open-to-sky shower areas. The top ‘penthouse’ room has views across the plains and you can see Purandar fort in the distance along with Dive ghat to the North. The tents are en-suite and are set up in the back yard of the Fortress at the base of a small hill amidst lawns and shady trees. The tour of the rooms and the gardens takes an hour or so after which you can head to the indoor restaurant. The indoor restaurant offers balcony seating presenting a great view, for those who do not care for the air conditioning.

A Buffet is put up every afternoon at the hotel. The food is standard north Indian fare and nothing to write home about. The service is slow. All the help is local from the villages dressed in traditional local dress. Very good concept but they clearly need more training in hospitality and service. One weekend we were able to order some items from the a-la-carte menu – kombdi rassa and traditional maharashtrian vade. This was delicious but on the last few visits they seem to have taken it off the menu. The Koliwada ka vegetable pakoda and Saag Makai Chilli Fry are good fried starters that go very well with some beer. The deserts are again standard fare – gulab jamun , ice cream etc. Again, one time they did offer a great fig and walnut ice cream  where the figs were fresh from local farms that were visible from the fort so it really gave a feel of eating the produce from your own garden.

After lunch, you can visit the ‘Aai’ museum that displays the personal collection of Mr. Kamat. The museum building is a beautiful replica of a wada, with a central open court yard and the artefacts are housed in rooms built around the courtyard. Being a private collection, the grounds as well as the items are impeccably maintained.

Would I recommend a visit to Fort Jadhavgadh? Absolutely!. This place is a must for anyone who wishes to appreciate grand locales and wants to spend a day seeing a historic fortress, museum and enjoying a quiet day out. If you are going there only for the food or the service, then I would not recommend you making the trek.

Fort Jadhavgadh,
Dist. Pune 412 301

+91 2115 305 200


Lunch and Dinner

North Indian / Maharashtrian

Limited selection of beer and wine

Self – Plenty of space available outside the fort


From :rani on 05-02-2011 20:33:51
I visited Jadhavgad Ambience was good but food was pathetic as per money they charge on buffet it was 550 plus taxes but rice in menu was stinking but ambience was really good thy shld improve food quality

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