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Paasha is the Pune Marriott's venue for fine (North) Indian dining and the emphasis is certainly on the fine. From the luxuriously comfortable setting, the beautiful 24th floor view of Pune, the excellent food and the pampering service, you know you're in for treat.

This rooftop venue has two sections: an outdoor area with a bar in the middle and comfortable seating all around plus an indoor section that is equally nicely done up. Outside, you'll only get finger foods so if you're keen on a full meal, start with a drink or two outside and then move in.

There is a Rs. 1,200 cover charge per couple which, rather crassly, you need to pay on the ground floor near the lifts before you even go up. They have a strict dress code for men (closed shoes, collars, no shorts) but nothing for women. Unless you're a famous movie star however, smart or smart casual is the way to go.

The outdoor bar area was very pleasant on a breezy August evening but it isn't covered so be prepared to move if it rains. You have a spectacular 3 side view over Pune and it's a nice place to grab a drink while you build up an appetite. Indoors, they have a variety of tables for small, medium or large groups plus another bar that you can sit at if your table isn't ready.

There's plenty to choose from in the drinks menu, with an extensive cocktail list, a selection of wines and almost all premium and standard spirits. The food menu is a fairly standard North Indian selection with a Lucknowi bent. They offer some unusual dishes like Tandoori Bater (quail) which I haven't seen in Pune before but on the whole you can expect a fairly traditional choice. The quality of the food is outstanding. The meat is soft and succlent, the kebas are heavenly, the kali daal is arguably the best in Pune and the Raan Sikander I wouldn't mind having every day for the rest of my life. Okay, maybe not every day, but you get the idea.

The service is top class. The wait staff are attentive yet unobtrusive and service is prompt. Admittedly, it's an international 5 start hotel and you would expect no less but it's nice to see it executed so well.>

For all the guys out there, the men's loo is, er, different. I won't spoil the surprise except to say that the only other place I've seen this is at the Felix Bar in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

Our bill for 4 people was over Rs. 10,000 but that did include 7 drinks. I must admit however, we were treated that night by two very dear friends who were visiting from the UK and as they said, by London standards this kind of pricing was very okay. Since I don't live or earn by London standards I would return to Paasha only for special occassions. If you're fortunate enough not to need to, then please take me with you!

Spice Kitchen
Pune Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre,
Senapati Bapat Road
Pune 411 053


+91 20 6683 3333

Dinner only:

Nlorth Indian

Full bar


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