5 Senses
The 5 Senses is a restaurant that is part of the Oakwood Premier serviced apartments complex on North Main Road, Koregaon Park. The experience is worth it and I would recommend this place for a good sit-down meal or to just lounge with friends and drink.

As the night falls, the Addah, atop the O Hotel offers a great view of Pune skyline in all 4 directions. The setting is definitely one of the best in Pune and it guarantees a great evening. It is certainly not cheap at over Rs 1,000 per person without drinks, but for a special occasion it is worth it.

Arc Asia
Arc Asia is nestled in ABC Farms in Koregaon Park where a few other restaurants, a music store and a dairy store keep it company. On offer is Indian, Japanese, Thai and other South East Asian cuisine. The service is great and the setting is attractive and relaxing. Do visit Arc Asia. I'll certainly be going back.

Bohemian is a well executed concept. I wish more people visit there to appreciate the setting and the ambience, especially in the Pune winter when the terrace seating becomes perfect for a large group. A nice view, comfortable seating and lots of open space make this venue special. The food is Mediterranean and quite an interesting take on the cuisine of the region.

The Chingari at Le Meridien is a rooftop restaurant by a swimming pool. It is a great location to visit in the evening for classy Indian food and you will not be disappointed with the quality of service, location and food.

If you wish to enjoy open air yet cozy meal, head to Dario's at Koregaon Park. It is set up in the garden of one of the olden day summer houses, now converted to a hotel. The canape of trees, sun light streaming in, comfortably placed tables with trademark aubergine purple tablecloths and an occasional visit of the pet peacock make the experience simply great.

Flags is a culinary adventure and I would recommend this place for a good sit-down meal. While it's not cheap, the menu is extensive and unique enough to make it worth a try.

Fort Jadhavgadh
Take a drive outside Pune to this spectacular restored fort and Maharashtrian wada museum. This place is a must for anyone who wishes to appreciate grand locales and wants to spend a day seeing a historic fortress, museum and enjoying a quiet day out. If you are going there only for the food, then I would not recommend you making the trek.

Grappa Garden
Set on the rooftop above Post 91 on Lane No. 7 in Koregaon Park, this restaurant is from the people behind Malaka Spice. They've put a lot of time and effort into it and it shows. It's jumped to the top of my list of great places to eat and if you enjoy continental food, head over there without further thought.

If you want a magical, fine dining experience with a Japanese twist, this is where I’d recommend you go. While Harajuku is definitely a fancy, exclusive restaurant, it is well worth the price. You could try the sushi, challenge yourself with some sashimi or go for the teppenyaki. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it.

Everything about the Westin Hotel is large and spacious, including Kangan, their Indian cuisine restaurant. The decor is classy and the service is with a smile and it was a memorable experience but with few creases that can be ironed out to make it truly delightful. At Rs. 1,000 per head it's not an everyday place for most of us.

La Terrazza
I like restaurants that focus on a few dishes and a single cuisine. La Terrazza comes up trumps with flying colors once you get over the price shock. If you have a special occasion to be celebrated with an intimate group of people or a huge bonus in your pocket that is screaming for a celebration, I would definitely recommend the La Terraza.

Malaka Spice
For authentic South East Asian cuisine, Malaka Spice is the place in Pune. It's spacious, offers easy parking and gives a choice of outdoor and indoor seating. Malaka Spice is a great destination for foodies.

Oh! Calcutta
Oh! Calcutta is the only place in Pune where you will get Bengali food in a fine dining setting. Head to Oh! Calcutta on a special occasion and I guarantee you that the experience of the food will be be memorable.

Paasha is the Pune Marriott's venue for fine (North) Indian dining and the emphasis is certainly on the fine. From the luxuriously comfortable setting, the beautiful 24th floor view of Pune, the excellent food and the pampering service, you know you're in for treat.

Paprika Hot Rock
Paprika Hot Rock .....Rocks. This is a pricey restaurant that offers great ambiance, service and food. In the evenings you can cook your meal at your table on hot rocks! It is welcome addition to Pune's restaurant scene.

Pesto Pesto
North Main Road, Koregaon Park has emerged as 'The' destination for gourmet food lovers. Pesto Pesto is a new entrant on the road and I would recommend a visit to this place, not only for the food but also for the wonderful view of Pune city.

Located in the Westin Hotel in Koregaon Park, Prego is elegant and the setting is chic. It's a fancy setting with fancy pricing and if you like Italian food you'll love this place. By my reckoning it's amongst the best you'll get in Pune.

You don't have to fly to Sicily for its wonderful food, it is served right here in Pune. Sicilia is a fine dining restaurant serving up some of the best Italian food in Pune. I wish more and more people give their patronage to Sicilia. The food is amazing and definitely the best Italian I've had in this city.

The Sigree is a special place in Pune if you want to take your family, friends or customers from overseas for a 'curry' experience. Set in a tastefully decorated venue on Boat Club Road, you will get north Indian food cooked uniquely and is as close to authentic north Indian cuisine that you will get in this city.

Stone Water Grill
The Stone Water Grill came to Pune announcing itself as the first true 'Fine Dining' experience. You step into the place and you could pretty much be in any part of the world. The location next to the river is spectacular and the decor is mainly white, muted and classy. The food lives up to the fancy surroundings.

The Cafe
One expects a certain standard of service, ambience and food when one goes into the Hyatt and this newly opened Hyatt does not disappoint. At Rs. 750 plus taxes, it is not cheap. However, it is a great location for lunch and if one has the time it has a great bar menu that can go a long way to having an extended lunch!

Just a name like Trikaya was reason enough to drive across town to the NDA Pashan Road. I did not quite know what to expect but as we walked into this rooftop establishment, I got the feeling we were in for a treat. It's almost a one stop shop for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a celebration or even a private party. With so much of Pune centered on suburban living, Trikaya is extremely well situated and suited.

Zafran (Mozzarella, Exotica, Aqua)
I like going to Zafran. Be it with family, friends or colleagues, Zafran offers a memorable experience. It doesn't come cheap but the service is great, the food is a big thumbs up and the overall experience is worth repeating.